9 Ways to Survive the Heat in Winter (and Look Good Doing It)

Not to brag, but recently we’ve had mostly sunny skies and above average temperature weather here in southern Califonia and it’s forecasted to stick around for a while. In a ‘the grass is always greener’ kind of way, I’ve been a little envious of the gals living in colder climates who are still sporting boots and wrapping themselves up in warm and cozy layers. Fine, … Continue reading 9 Ways to Survive the Heat in Winter (and Look Good Doing It)

Floral and Pattern Mix & Link Up

The mixing of patterns and prints is an ideal way to add interest and a youthful vibe to an outfit. Plaids, stripes, polka dots, geometrics, florals … any and all patterns can be mixed and matched for visual appeal and personal flair. Since this is my weekly Powers the Flower link-up post, my featured outfit is a mix of floral and polka dot. You’ve probably … Continue reading Floral and Pattern Mix & Link Up

Floral Embellishments & Link Up

In all of my wardrobe, this embellished sweater is my one and only truly vintage piece.  I have other embellished sweaters but this one is my favorite because the sweater originally belonged to one of my great-aunts and it is probably about 65 years old.  The beading was done by my great-aunt’s sister, my maternal grandmother. Like many women of her generation, my grandmother was … Continue reading Floral Embellishments & Link Up

Rose Quartz, Serenity, & Link Up

I’ve often been amused by the names given to colors. The Husband and I delight in telling visitors to our home that the color of the accent wall in our dining room is ‘chocolate pudding’ and that the color of wall with the fireplace is ‘wine stain’. Alternate descriptive names like ‘wet mud’ or ‘blossoming bruise’ do not sound nearly as romantic and do not … Continue reading Rose Quartz, Serenity, & Link Up

Old and New: Denim on Denim

A few weeks ago, Carrie over at a lovely little wardrobe shared a prompt she called Something New-Old-Borrowed or Blue and encouraged readers to shop their closet using inspiration from the prompt.  Shortly after reading her post, I was doing a bit of tidying up in my closet and my western style booties that I’ve never worn called out to me, begging me for an opportunity to get out and … Continue reading Old and New: Denim on Denim

Flowers That Bloom In Winter & Link Up

The cold of winter is definitely upon us and most flowers are not in season this time of year.  Thank heaven, we have our clothing to remind us of the pretty blooms and the warmer weather in which they flourish.  I started the Powers the Flower link up as a way to showcase how floral patterns are incorporated into our wardrobes and how appropriate they are all year long. … Continue reading Flowers That Bloom In Winter & Link Up